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Drone Surveys In Somerset

Looking for expert drone surveying in Somerset? Here at Dolphin Media, we’re here to offer everything you need to complete an expert drone survey. We offer a range of aerial drone surveying services to our customers in Somerset and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team has a high range of knowledge and skills in drone operations, having over 25 years combined in the industry, our goal is to deliver high quality services in the Somerset area.
We are on hand to offer expert aerial filming and aerial photography services to our customers in and around Somerset. Our fleet of high end drones are handled by qualified pilots to deliver property photography from a survey area of your choice.
Our Somerset based drone pilots are experts at what they do and we lend our services to many industries and carry out a full range of surveys to Somerset and the surrounding area. If you would like more information about our aerial photography and Somerset drone services, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today. We are on hand to offer our guidance and services to our Somerset customers.


"The drones ease of use makes surveying larger areas much more time and cost efficient than more traditional methods."

What Is Drone Surveying?

Aerial drone surveying is an aerial mapping service that offers a cost effective solution to traditional surveying techniques. Our expert drone pilots provide drone aerial photography for land surveying and inspection services.
The basic concept is that a drone is used to capture images and footage of an area, recording data on the quality of the land. Surveys are typically done when there is building work planned on a specific area of land, such as an extension or new build. A record of the ground quality and local area is typically required to ensure the correct equipment and technology is used for the project.
Survey and land inspection services performed on foot could cost a lot of money to account for the manual labour involved. Using aerial photography offers a solution to property surveying and utilises drones for mapping out locations.
The drone industry has grown and developed a lot over the last 20 years, and our fleet of drones are fully capable of collecting footage, images, and data for your required land survey. Our clients come to us from across the UK for our drone surveys and we always ensure we complete inspections and projects to a high standard.

Why Choose a Drone Survey?

When there is a lot of ground to cover in your survey, using people for inspections can cost a lot of time and money that would be better spent on your project. Our drones are equipped with a high-quality camera to ensure our team delivers the best possible finished product to our customers and clients. Some of the benefits of using a drone to survey an area include:

Faster: If you have a large area of land that you wish to survey, drones are a much quicker alternative to on foot teams who have to carry equipment with them to perform a reliable and accurate survey. Drones have the capabilities of covering large areas in short spaces of time and offer an accurate reading for your survey needs.

Accurate: The data recorded by drones is highly accurate, with perfect footage and images collected for every drone survey. By combining images and footage, our drone pilots can guarantee that all data recorded is an accurate reflection of your property and land, making it easier to plan projects in the future.

Adaptable: One of the biggest benefits of using a drone to survey your property is the fact that drones are able to reach areas that are either inaccessible to people, or would require time and equipment to access. Able to navigate steep slopes, large bodies of water, and rough terrain, drones also allow for safety during the survey as there's no risk to humans.

Using a drone to survey an area has many more benefits and here at Dolphin Media, we are here to offer our drone survey services to our customers in and around Somerset. We offer reliable service with perfect results time and time again.


Example Project - Drone Mapping

A stitched image consisting of 800+ images covering an area of 80 acres with 1cm accuracy.

Larger areas are possible, to date we have mapped up to 220 acres for one project with 1cm accuracy.

Presenting The Project

We can use a range of different software applications to present the final map model including Pix4d and ArcGIS. If you have a different requirement please get in touch.

Drone Map Stitch Holiday park

Why Choose Us?

Here at Dolphin Media, our expert team has a combined 25 years of experience in piloting top quality drones and providing surveying services to our clients in and around Somerset. We offer a range of survey services, including:

- Quarry and Mineral Surveys

-Property Specific Surveys

-Infrastructure and Property

-Land and Topographical Surveys

-Environmental and Forestry

We are committed to providing our customers with the best experience and offer the best in drone technology to achieve this. Our team is on hand to provide excellent drone surveying services to our customers in Somerset and the surrounding areas.

Contact Dolphin Media Today!

If you would like more information on our drone services, feel free to contact our friendly and experienced team today! We are here to capture any footage or images required for an accurate survey of your land and property.
We can offer examples of recent projects we have worked on in Somerset and the surrounding areas of the UK if you would like assurances of the quality of our services. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and requirements today.