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Drone Roof Inspections & Aerial Work


Here at Dolphin Drones, we offer a drone service that offers a wide range of options.

Drone surveys have become more and more popular over the last few years, as more and more high-quality drones are being designed and created, aerial photography inspection is becoming a more popular way to inspect areas of interest.

One of the most common services are roof scans, inspections carried out by a drone are much easier and safer than using a cherry picker full of equipment and offer much better views than a ground-level option.

Aerial Photography

Roofs are open to all the elements and yet rarely do they receive regular inspections. Regular drone inspections can limit the cost of repair by identifying the problem before it escalates, much faster than the traditional methods.

You can save considerable amounts of money by hiring a drone inspection compared to erecting a scaffolding tower, meaning lower risk and a much more cost-effective process.



Some benefits to using our drone service:-

  • Saves time
  • Financially effective
  • Can inspect dangerous and hard to reach areas
  • Minimise danger – no one has to leave the ground
  • We are insured up to 10 million
  • Highly qualified pilots
  • Permissions for commercial work & flying in congested areas.

We have pilots who are trained and licensed to fly in congested areas with take-off and landing clearances down to 10 metres. This allows us to operate more freely without the need for as many other peoples permission. We are also authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority.

 South Coast Drone Inspection

Using the latest technology, drone inspections take a lot less time and also reduce the cost of the project dramatically, whilst keeping inspection staff on-site safer as structures do not need to be built for us to carry out our roof inspection.

Devon properties being so close to the coast, are facing an issue with seagulls, nests are being built in every roof possible, by using drones we are able to carry out a full inspection to determine whether you have any problems such as nesting seagulls. Our drone can take on-site imagery and videos to create a full and detailed survey.

The latest technology reduces the need for multiple personnel to do an inspection.  The technology has helped reduce the number of roof surveys using drones to get a job done more easily by the amount of time they need to spend on a roof check-up on homes in Devon, UK. Gathering data for every project quickly and efficiently.

Chimney & Roof Inspections

Easily access unreachable areas with one of our unmanned aerial vehicles at a fraction of the price. We have the technology. to capture the images you need.

Our drone service will offer a range of services including aerial inspections to find and fix faults in the area, and free access to the area through imagery is available by emailing owners at a faster rate than a scaffolding tower.

We can carry out chimney surveys in record time compared to a traditional inspections site. Clients have only given us positive feedback regarding the surveys they receive from our team.

Get in touch today for more information. We will be happy to help and advise in any way we can.

Contact Us For Aerial Drone Surveys Devon

Our team here in Devon can offer you a range of drone services, our air survey option is one of the most popular. By choosing drone roof data you are allowing yourself the chance to save on expense, experience a more straightforward process and have real-time imagery taken.

If you have any questions or queries about the video options we offer here at Dolphin Drones, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us, we can give you a step by step walkthrough of how your survey will be carried out and also what to expect from the final survey data. We guarantee you will use our drone roof services again in the future.

Drone roof surveys are the way forward when it comes to safety, efficiency and cost, get in touch today to make an appointment, our drone roof team will get to you as soon as possible. We offer a free, no-obligation quotation to customers in Devon so whether it's still images or video you are looking for, get in touch.