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Mapping & Surveying With A Drone

Have you been looking for drone services in Dorset? Do you need an aerial survey using drone technology to come and provide you with a roof inspection or other service? You can benefit from drone inspections and much more across Dorset using specialist drones!

If you have been searching for Drone Surveying in Dorset, you have come to the right place; our team here at Dolphin Drones can offer you a range of aerial inspection, surveying and mapping services. When you need aerial drone surveying carried out on your property or across your land, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer some of the highest-quality services in the area.

With a fleet of six high-spec drones, each one carefully maintained to keep them in the best state possible, they have their capabilities with the option to keep operating during rain, wind and at night.

Our fleet has drones that can operate in heavy rain and the Phantom RTK, which can give us up to 1cm accuracy on mapping missions; using access equipment, we can carry out risk assessments to determine whether we can provide our drone services.

For more information or if you have any questions or queries regarding the drone surveying services in Dorset we provide, be sure to contact our team today. Our team is always more than happy to discuss specific needs and requirements with our clients, ensuring you receive the same service you are looking for. Get in touch today to find out more.


"The drones ease of use makes surveying larger areas much more time and cost efficient than more traditional methods."

What Is Drone Surveying?

Aerial Drone surveying is relatively straightforward, although it may sound complicated and a bit future-world technology. The idea is that a drone survey uses a flying drone or a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to capture aerial imagery and data with downward-facing sensors and cameras.

During the flight over the targeted area, the cameras and data sensors take multiple images every few seconds, surveying and assessing the land or property it is flying over. Each image taken by the drone is then tagged with specific coordinates, continuously gathering information to compute measurements.

Construction And Scaffolding Drone Services

Once the surveying drone is back on land and the data has been retrieved, it computes a fully 3D overview of the area, whether it be a plot of land you are graphing out to find land boundaries or a property/tower you are trying to survey for chimney/structural damage, drone surveying is a highly accurate tool for surveys.

One of the main benefits of using drones for surveying is that they can carry out imagery and collect data at a much lower altitude than manned aircraft, offering high-resolution images and incredibly accurate data.

Using our software, you can also take measurements from the captured data down to 1cm.

Here at Dolphin Drones, our drone services in Dorset are fast, competitively priced and also remove many issues with the weather; this is because drones can fly below the clouds, and we can also use an IP67-rated drone. For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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Contact our team today if you want more information or have any questions or queries regarding the drone services in Dorset we provide.

Our team is always happy to discuss specific needs and requirements with our clients, ensuring you receive the same service you want. Get in touch today to find out more. For great content on topics such as "Get a Virtual Tour of Your Holiday Park", check out our blog.

Our team have been providing aerial surveys and drone services for several years; during this time, we have honed and perfected our skills, so if you need an aerial survey or aerial surveys in and around Dorset, all you need to do is speak to our team.

"The drones ease of use makes surveying larger areas much more time and cost-efficient than more traditional methods."


Example Project - Drone Mapping

A stitched image consisting of 800+ images covering an area of 80 acres with 1cm accuracy.

Larger areas are possible, to date we have mapped up to 220 acres for one project with 1cm accuracy.

Presenting The Project

We can use a range of different software applications to present the final map model including Pix4d and ArcGIS. If you have a different requirement please get in touch.

Drone Map Stitch Holiday park

Why Choose Drone Surveying in Dorset?

Our team here at Dolphin Drones have been providing drone surveying in Dorset for several years, having incredible success getting crystal-clear images and data for ongoing projects. Aerial Drone Surveying has so many benefits. Having worked in the industry for several years, our team has put together a few key reasons why we recommend drone surveying in Dorset.

Our top reasons for choosing drone surveying are as follows;

Reduced Field Time

Using drone surveys instead of the traditional method of field-based surveys saves you money. Drones are five times faster at covering land and carrying out property surveys. Saving money on surveyors and saving money on the time it takes, drone surveys are more cost-effective overall.

Highly Accurate Data

When it comes to the accuracy of the data collected, it is perfect every time; this is due to the drone surveying the land/ property and taking images every few seconds, offering highly accurate data and images. Each image is then compiled to offer a 3D map or model of the area surveyed by the drone.

Map Inaccessible Areas

One of the most significant benefits of drone surveying is that the drone can reach inaccessible areas. You don’t need to find ways to battle steep slopes, harsh terrain or large bodies of water. Our drones can travel across areas not possible on foot, making them perfect for extensive land surveys and property surveys.

What Type Of Drone Surveys Can We Offer In Dorset

Here at Dolphin Drones, we have worked in the industry for several years; we can offer you a range of drone and aerial surveys here in Dorset. Our drone surveys in Dorset will offer incredibly accurate results, crystal-clear imagery, and vast data. Our team can offer you our drone services in Dorset to cover a range of surveying requirements; we can carry out surveys on the following;

  • Land and Topographic surveys
  • Quarry and mineral surveys
  • Construction surveys
  • Infrastructure and property
  • Environmental
  • Forestry

Property-specific roof surveys; chimneys, roofing etc

Drone Roof Survey

We offer a roof survey service to customers throughout Dorset, so if you have a tall building or a building with no access to the roof, give us a call, and we will be happy to help in any way we can. We have been working alongside businesses in Dorset for several years and offer a thorough and professional service.

Drone Roof Inspections

All of our drone roof inspections are carried out by trained and knowledgeable professionals, all trained to civil aviation authority standards, so you can be sure you are in the right hands. Get in touch today for more information on the residential and commercial buildings we can cover. Roof surveys are becoming increasingly popular due to the safety procedures we have in place. See more info here.

Contact Dolphin Drones For More Information Today

Regarding drone surveys in Dorset, the team here at Dolphin Drones have everything you need to ensure you receive highly accurate and precise results, both through imagery and data collection. Using drones takes a specific technician who has been trained and has a complete understanding of the surveys they are carrying out; this is precisely what our team possesses here at Dolphin Drones.

Using a drone will save you money and time if you need a survey carried out across the land or inaccessible areas or need a property survey. If you have any questions or queries regarding our drone surveying in Dorset, we are more than happy to take the time to talk to you. We will discuss your specific needs and requirements. Each drone survey is different, and we want to ensure the data and results you receive are what you are looking for. Get in touch with us here at Dolphin Drones for more information today.

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If you have any questions about these specific surveying options, please contact our team, each survey is different depending on what it is you are needing. Our team of drone specialists can discuss your specific needs and requirements and come up with a drone surveying plan.