Tethered Drone Services

Keep an eye in the sky for hours rather than minutes

Versatile & Mobile Tethered Drones

Drone Event Security Dorset

Unlimited Waterproof Aerial Surveillance

One of the most common constraints of the rapidly evolving drone industry is the inabilty to keep a drone in the air for longer periods of time.
We offer a platform that can offer a continuous high resolution video feed from the air back down to the ground for up to 6 hours, including via Military grade fibre optic. The video can be fed to multiple ground operatives and/or an operations or control centre.

Any rotary drone can be powered from the ground so that it can stay in the air for hours at a time and up to 100 metres away. It can be run from a 12 or 24 volt power supply so can even be powered from your vehicle. We have a number of drones to work alongside the tether including a 30x zoom lens and an IP67 waterproof setup.

Lightweight Tether

Secure Data Feed

Battery Back Up

Variable Power Supply

Event Security & Crowd Surveillance

An ideal tool for upgrading your security force. Collect consistent information from key areas. A birds eye picture of an area giving a 360 degree view.

  • The presence alone of a drone constantly in the air could act as a deterrent for potential trouble makers.
  • Survey larger areas in less time and respond more effectively to intruders and security incidents.
  • Traffic management, traffic control and management of event parking facilties
  • Monitor crowds and control congested areas. Spot problems sooner and resolve quicker.


Drone Festival Security

Alongside the tethered unit we can also use deployable/untethered drones to map out venues. This could give your security team the information they need on where to place their guards.

  • Identify weak points for intruders, such as employee entrances.
  • Positions where sustained surveillance would be beneficial.
  • Help familiarise a team to evacuation routes in case of an emergency.




Traffic Surveying


We can also use our tethered drone to count traffic for longer periods of time and in wet weather. We use software that will count traffic and has number plate recognition.