Get a Virtual Tour of Your Holiday Park with Holiday Park Drone Surveying 

Have you ever considered professional drone surveying services to help give your guests a new way to experience your holiday park or to help with future planning and development? As a holiday park owner, you could try numerous different marketing opportunities. Still, we’re confident that virtual tours of your holiday park through professional drone surveying can be one of the best new options to consider. 

With this in mind, today, we’ve outlined some of the benefits that professional drone surveying can offer for your holiday park; hopefully, this might help you decide whether these services could be a good fit. Read on to discover more! Or, feel free to contact our experts if you have any further questions about the benefits of professional drone surveying!

Why Choose Drone Surveying for your Holiday Park? 

So, why should you choose professional drone surveying services for your holiday park? Running a virtual tour can offer countless opportunities, and we have summarised just a few of these as follows. However, every holiday park is unique. With this in mind, there could be even more benefits of professional drone surveying for your park, too!

#1 Give People a Birds Eye View of your Park With Drone Surveying

One of the first benefits that investing in professional drone surveying can offer is that it allows your customers a bird’s eye view of your park – something undeniably magical and unique.

Indeed, very few of us get the chance to see our holiday destinations from the air, yet this can offer exceptional beauty and aesthetic appeal. It’s a great way to help sell your holiday park’s potential and could encourage more people to get involved with your park for sure.

#2 See the Facilities Up Close and Personal

It’s not uncommon for customers to feel a little unsure about the different facilities on offer with your holiday park; indeed, it’s so easy for brands to make facilities look more impressive than they are with just a few tricks of the light and clever camera angles. 

However, a virtual drone tour can allow your guests to get up close and personal with the facilities before booking their next trip, helping them see the magic your facilities can provide for real. In turn, this can help reassure customers that they are genuinely in for a beautiful experience when they book a stay at your holiday park – thereby supporting your marketing efforts overall. 

What’s not to love? It’s a simple way to give your potential guests the chance to experience your facilities and see what they’ll get to enjoy during a break at your holiday park – helping motivate them to book a stay and enjoy the countless opportunities that your holiday park has to offer them!


#3 See Access Points to the Park

Another common reason for holiday parks to consider professional drone surveying and video tours is simple. It allows guests the chance to check access to your property and ensure that they’ll be able to get to your holiday park quickly and safely. What’s more, this can also help your guests plan their trip to get to your holiday park, helping them to decide on the most effective routes to follow.

#4 Allows Guests to Plan Their Break, In Advance. 

A key benefit of choosing professional drone surveying services is allowing potential customers to plan their next break. In turn, this can help to encourage them to try your holiday park overall. 

Indeed, once your customers begin planning the potential activities and opportunities they could enjoy for their next break, they’ll often be much more tempted to book with your holiday park. Naturally, this can provide countless benefits for your park’s marketing and conversions overall.

#5 Allow Guests to See Where They’ll Be Staying!

As a final benefit, a professional drone surveying tour can even allow your guests to see where they’ll be staying during their break with your holiday park. This simple feature can go a long way to ensuring that your guests are excited for their trip with your team and may help “seal the deal” once and for all – ensuring you get the best possible conversions resulting from your video tour overall.

Choose from one of our internal 360 tour services if you want to show off the inside of one of your caravans and lodges or even the complex and reception area.

#6 Drone Mapping & Surveying – Park Development & Planning

We can use one of our surveying drones to accurately map out your park. Hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of pictures can be taken and then stitched together to produce one large plan of your park.

The example below was work carried out for planning and development purposes. The final image allowed planners to measure spaces (up to 1cm accuracy) between caravans to ensure they adhere to regulations and then project where potential new plots could be built.

Are You Ready For A Drone Survey?

There are countless different benefits associated with giving your potential guests a virtual tour of your holiday park, including the ability to see your facilities from the comfort of their own home and giving guests the chance to plan their dream break. This simple change to your standard marketing efforts could offer many opportunities overall. With this in mind, we highly recommend you consider whether a virtual tour might be just the solution your guests deserve. And, if so, why not find out more about the benefits of drone surveying or Drone Inspection; Dolphin Drones are here to help, from Drone Consultation to Emergency Callouts. Contact us today.