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Surveying With A Drone

If you have been looking for drone surveys or aerial photography in Devon, look no further. Here at Dolphin Drones, we specialise in all aspects of drone inspection, including aerial photography, aerial surveys and roof inspection.

You may have come across Dolphin Drones because you have searched for a company that is able to conduct a roof survey and inspect areas along the south coast of South Devon without erecting scaffolding or using a cherry picker.

For a no-obligation quotation, feel free to get in touch with our friendly and professional team today.


"The drones ease of use makes surveying larger areas much more time and cost efficient than more traditional methods."

Aerial Photography

There are many reasons you might want to explore our full range of drone surveys and inspections. Whether it's a survey of a building site or another construction site survey, our drone images will capture what you need without any disruption to the building site itself.

We are available from North Devon, all the way down to Newton Abbot and South Devon and across into Dorset and the surrounding areas. For the very best drone surveys and high-quality images, our team have everything you need for video inspection services.

Devon Drone Surveyors

We have established a fantastic reputation for all of the drone surveys, aerial video and roof survey services we provide and have full authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out drone surveys for clients that can't get the images they need from the ground.

"The drones ease of use makes surveying larger areas much more time and cost-efficient than more traditional methods."

Drone Surveys In Devon

Hiring an everyday photographer to shoot in locations with limited access can be very time consuming and will take longer to achieve job completion, largely due to the need for scaffolding.

Using a specialist drone inspection team who always have health and safety in mind, is a much more cost-effective way to acquire the data you are wanting.

You may be looking to survey or inspect a building that's in a poor state of repair in Devon or the surrounding areas and that's where the services of Dolphin Drones can make all the difference.

Not only do our drone survey services offer minimal disruption to your construction site but there is also the safety element of using professional drone services.

Construction And Roof Drones

When you are looking for imagery of a construction site, you will want to avoid the extra cost of having scaffolding erected, largely because scaffolding is expensive.

The good news is, our drones are all authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority and can capture the very best drone video from the air of the structure, roof or land that you require.


Example Project - Drone Mapping

A stitched image consisting of 800+ images covering an area of 80 acres with 1cm accuracy.

Larger areas are possible, to date we have mapped up to 220 acres for one project with 1cm accuracy.

Presenting The Project

We can use a range of different software applications to present the final map model including Pix4d and ArcGIS. If you have a different requirement please get in touch.

Drone Map Stitch Holiday park

Roof Drone Survey Devon

Here at Dolphin Drones, we have worked in the industry for a number of years, and because of this, we can offer you a range of drone and roof inspection here in Devon.

Our drone surveys will offer incredibly accurate results, crystal clear imagery and also a vast amount of data.

Our team can offer you our drone services in Devon to cover a range of surveying requirements, we can do surveys on the following:-

  • Land and Topographic surveys
  • Quarry and mineral surveys
  • Construction site and roof surveys
  • Infrastructure and property
  • Environmental
  • Forestry
  • Property specific┬ároof surveys; chimneys, roofing etc

What Type Of Drone Surveys Do We Offer In Devon?

Drone Video Services Devon, UK

It's safe to say that for all of your drone needs in Devon and across the surrounding areas, Dolphin Drones have you covered. We always aim to offer the very best in customer service, so why not give us a call. We have a dedicated team ready and waiting to take your call and help out in any way they can.

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Whether you need a drone survey on a property, on land or another inaccessible area, we have you covered. We are always happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements and we can match the level of data you need to how we conduct your survey. Nothing is ever too much trouble for our friendly team so get in touch today.