Dolphin Drones have now gone paperless!

Dolphin Drones have now gone paperless!

Years of working with a trusty clipboard have now come to an end. All our pre site and onsite assessments are now completed on an iPad and brought with us on each assignment. Becoming both more efficient and greener in the process.

Planned Drone Job

A lot more goes into planning each job than most people would realise. We start with the pre site assessments which looks a little like the following:
Prepared Drone Pilot
As you can see we have a list of items that we check against the jobs location and we jot down our findings. All of it can be done from the offices. We then complete the pre notification form – informing the relevant authorities of our presence on the job date. This will include local, regional and military air traffic control, a notice to airmen using the NOTAMS app, schools if applicable and of course the local police.

Drone Job Planning

So the pre site assessment is complete and the day of the assignment comes around. Before we set off on any job assignment, we fill out a call sheet. This includes contact details of: the team, client, ATC and Land Owner as well as a weather report, map and a brief of the assignment.

Then onto the embarkation checklist which prompts us to check we have the kit packed and a reminder to check the condition and airworthiness. It’s a long old list so it’s well needed and includes everything from the drone itself right up to and including SD cards, Lens’s, Batteries, Radios….. and of course snacks and coffee!

Finally we have the arrival checklist where firstly the pilot and first observer carries out a full site survey. We then move onto confirming the flight plan and brief with the crew and client (if applicable).
I.D badges, hard hats, hi-viz and radios are issued. Everyone is reminded where the first aid kit and fire extinguisher are kept.

And after all of that we are now ready to fly! Keep checking back to see what we are up to and soon we will post another short blog on what goes into all of the post production work.