Why Use A Professional Drone Company?

Wondering why you should pay more for a professional drone photographer?

Occasionally we are told that jobs we have quoted for can be done cheaper by somebody they know like a friend, or a fellow operator just starting out. Hiring a professional, experienced company like ourselves, based in Dorset and offering out various drone photography and video services, is a smarter move. Whilst we never claim to be the cheapest drone operators we do know we offer the best value for money and fair exchange. Why you should hire a professional drone company in Dorset really boils down to 4 main points which we have highlighted below.

  1. Legal compliance: A licensed drone company follows regulations set by our aviation authority (The CAA), ensuring that your project is in compliance with the law.
  2. Professionalism: License holders have proven their expertise in operating drones safely and effectively, providing a higher level of professionalism in their services.
  3. Insurance coverage: Licensed drone companies typically carry liability insurance, providing financial protection in case of accidents or damage.
  4. Improved quality: With professional training and equipment, licensed companies can offer better quality services compared to unlicensed operators.