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At Dolphin Drones we offer a free on site demonstration to potential commercial clients. If you think your business could benefit from low level, high quality aerial photography or video footage this is a great way to discover what we can do to help your business. To qualify as a commercial client your business would need to require our services on a regular basis or at least three or four times a year.

"Companies that generally qualify are Architects, Surveyors, Insurance loss adjusters, Agricultural Surveyors/Inspectors, Marketing and Promotions, Cinematographers and TV production companies or similar business activities."

For a Free demonstration you will need a site within 50 miles of Weymouth, Dorset that is suitable for flying our camera UAV’s (drones). If you can provide us with the gps coordinates for your venue we can general inform you if it’s a suitable location if you’re unsure. If you are outside of this radius we can still perform an on site demonstration but may have to charge for traveling expenses and overnight accommodation if required.

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A typical demo will provide you with three fifteen minute fights one initial video flight plan, one fifteen minute directed flight plan and one fifteen minute directed still photography flight plan. The initial flight will help you gain perspective of the subject. Then you can direct our flight crew in order to achieve the shots you require in the second flight. Using the the data from the first two flights you can then direct our crew once more to capture still shots of areas that require more attention or money shots for marketing etc. From the moment our team arrives they will be available to answer any questions you have about our aerial imaging services. We will explain how to book a flight plan and what’s involved in the pre and post stages of production. We will also inform you of other services we can offer for pre and post production should you require those services.

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Let Us Demonstrate What We Can Do

Generally a Free demonstration lasts around four too five hours although we are flexible. Our Free demo service is perfect for any business that wants to evaluate aerial imagery as part of their business strategy.

You will quickly discover the time and cost saving benefits our service provides, as well as the flexibility we offer to obtain images which can’t be achieved with conventional photography and surveying techniques. You will also get an idea of the workflow required for booking a flight plan and directing our crew. This service is ideal for department heads who want to gather information to present as part of a business presentation as proof of concept.

The stills and footage obtained as part of your demonstration will be provided to you for inclusion in your presentation material. We will also answer any questions you have, especially those unique to your business activities. Hopefully our Free demonstration service will help us establish a good working relationship, which will help your business save money and provide a unique service and perspective not offered by your competitors.

Although we operate drones that are ‘weatherproof’ there are still some conditions that we can not fly in. Weather is a major factor which we have no control over. If weather conditions are unsuitable on the day we will be unable to provide the demonstration flights. In the event of bad weather you can either rearrange your booking, or one of our team can attend with example material and equipment to answer questions etc. without providing live flight data. Our pilots also reserve the right to cancel a flight plan where they consider it to be unsafe to proceed or in breach of civil aviation guidelines and or air law.

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