Aerial Mast Photography

Using a Camera Pole instead of a drone

Photography On Mast

We use aerial mast photography when we decide it is favorable over using one of our drones.

Our telescopic mast can reach 14 metres high and can be used within large interior environments, such as retail interiors, trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions and car showrooms to provide an excellent viewpoint that others may never be able to see.

By using a practical, elevated ground based aerial photography system, we can produce consistently high quality, high impact photography quickly and effectively from any location.

Aerial Mast photography can also be used in situations where there is safety, environmental or access issues to consider. This can include public footpaths or other areas that are difficult to reach with a vehicle and drones. Congested and busier areas around towns and cities and large interiors where public safety would prevent the use of drones.

Aerial Mast photography can provide single images, show you a choice of different elevated angles or even deliver 360 degree panoramic images or timelapse videos.

Sports Analysis

Coming soon we will be offering sports teams the opportunity to have their matches or training sessions filmed. This could be a great tool in analyzing your teams performance and training methods.